Raptor Fossils – Painkiller [UT3]

Painkiller was my first fully completed map for Unreal Tournament 3. Back in the days of Quake (the first one), there was an amazing multiplayer map by another author Sten ‘ZTN’ Uusvali called ZtnDM5: Painkiller (link here). This map is probably one of the biggest inspirations for me to get involved in game development myself, so when I was looking for a map to remake to cut my teeth on Unreal Ed (as most of my experience was in Quake orientated editors), this seemed like an easy choice.

I did initially consider trying to recreate it exactly (aesthetically), but soon decided that, instead, I would give the map my own take and make it fit into the UT3 universe a little more. As such, Painkiller became a sort of Liandri Robotics Corporation level, though given the design, it doesn’t really have a real-world identity, as most modern maps do. Regardless, the gameplay flow does work nicely, thanks to Uusvali’s excellent layout.

Anyways, here’s some screenshots… Enjoy!

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If you are interested in playing the level, it requires you have the game Unreal Tournament 3. Download the level with this link.

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