A versatile and highly configurable kit to make explosive barrels, grenades, mines and anything else that goes boom!

This blueprint powered system is a great way to add some great, fun interaction for players in your environment with explodable items. You could use it to set up explosive gas canisters, cows that explode, or even something crazy like the traditional red explosive barrels! But that’s not it, you can also use it to create explosive projectiles, such as grenades, rockets, fireballs and other spells. Mines? Also possible. If it explodes, it can probably be done with this pack! Honestly, even Michael Bay would love this one!

  • Explosions! Things that explode! Kaboomage! Kablooies!
  • Actors that explode on ANY damage, or only after a certain amount
  • Actors that catch fire and slowly lower their own health leading to KABOOM!
  • Explosive projectiles!
  • Interactive explosive physics objects!
  • Fuses! Delayed explosions! Sticky bomb explosions! Proximity explosions!
  • Explosions that damage players based on their distance to the explosion
  • A three stage particle system configuration – damaged, ready to explode, explode!
  • Poison clouds! Smoke! Other explosion after-effects that can optionally damage players!

BOOM! Explosion Toolkit is the fastest way to add some high octane, varied and action-packed explosions to your game. Whether you are looking for RPG spell styled explosions, first person rockets and grenades, or simply some environmental explosions, BOOM! has you covered.

This content is intended for all UE4 supported development environments and has been tested on both Windows and Mac. It is based on version 4.13 of the Unreal Engine and will be updated to run with future versions.

Playable Builds

Download these playable builds of the example/overview level of BOOM! Explosions Toolkit to get a better understanding of how the system works without needing to purchase it first!

Windows 64-Bit: http://bit.ly/boom-dl

Mac OSX: http://bit.ly/boom-mac-dl

Price: $14.99

Visit the BOOM! Explosions Toolkit marketplace page to purchase this pack.

Available on Gumroad now: https://gum.co/boomkit

Video Tutorials

More Information

For more information on the system, you can check out the release forum thread on the Unreal Engine forums. For support and tutorials, check out my YouTube channel.

The BOOM! Explosions Toolkit download from the marketplace and gumroad includes full documentation via comments and an in-engine tutorials. Videos will be uploaded to the YouTube channel as required.