Newtonian is an advanced system that allows you to drag and drop a momentum-fueled falling damage system to your projects.

This 100% Blueprint powered system is completely drag and drop and will work on any character or controller! Included is two different systems for handling falling damage.

Simple Damage System: Starting with a simple old-school falling damage system, which applies damage based on your fall height. This is very easy to get up and running and match with your project, but is also somewhat limited.

Advanced Momentum Based Damage System: This system is the recommended system to use, as it takes into account changes in the player’s acceleration, and calculates the amount of G forces the player would be experiencing. Then, if the G forces are above the allowable threshold, the player will receive an amount of damage based on how much they exceed it. This allows for things like cushioning falls with water volumes, jump pads that don’t cause damage to the player, damaging the player when they are slammed into a wall, and much, much more.

Using the advanced system included with Newtonian will result in realistic and reliable damage calculations for your players when they experience rapid deceleration, as from falling or being thrown into objects.

This content is intended for all UE4 supported development environments and has been tested on both Windows and Mac. It is based on version 4.15 of the Unreal Engine and will be updated to run with future versions.


PRICE: $9.99

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For more information on the system, you can check out the release forum thread on the Unreal Engine forums. For support and tutorials, check out my YouTube channel.

The Newtonian download from the marketplace includes full documentation via comments and an in-engine tutorials. Videos will be uploaded to the YouTube channel as required.