The first release from Dapper Raptor, the Survival Game Template for Unreal Engine 4 is a fully featured template that allows developers to create survival games in a fraction of the normal development time, as well as easy experimentation and iteration of major core mechanics and systems. The template is easy to use, easy to expand and easy to understand.


This 100% blueprint powered template is intended to allow you to build a survival game quick and fast.

Packed with all the standard, and some more exotic, features of the your average survival game, complete with easy-to-configure settings, you can just drop this into your project and start creating, iterating and prototyping your next idea immediately.

  • 100% blueprint Graphical HUD driven by player stats
  • Graphical inventory complete with item cooldown timers
  • Dynamic hotbar Chest and loot system, including RNG drops on enemy death
  • Dynamic time of day, including support for third party day/night packages
  • Player health system
  • Player hunger and thirst systems
  • Oxygen management suited both to majority AND minorty vaccuum/underwater environments
  • Blood management including bleeding on player taking damage
  • Stamina/energy management system
  • Flashlight/torch with optional battery management
  • Volume-based poison system
  • Multi-faceted temperature system, taking into account time of day, player body temperature and more
  • First and third person camera modes
  • High degree of visual customization without any knowledge of UMG systems
  • Animated item pickup process
  • Save/autosave system

And much, much more!

Please note that whilst it is possible to add this to an existing project with a little work, it is intended to be a template as a basis for starting a new project.

This template is intended primarily for desktop development and has been tested on both Windows and Mac. It is based on version 4.10 of the Unreal Engine.


Price: $40

As of February 3rd, 2016, the Survival Game Template is officially for sale on Epic Games’ Unreal Engine Marketplace.

Visit the marketplace page to buy it.

Currently also available via Gumroad.

More Information

For more information on the template, you can check out the release forum thread on the Unreal Engine forums. For support and tutorials, check out the SGT Playlist on my YouTube channel.

Full documentation (intended for customers) is available as a PDF.

Download Documentation

Please note that this documentation is currently still being worked on, but is about 90% complete.